Basic Principles Explained – MaltaWinds Interview

//Basic Principles Explained – MaltaWinds Interview

Dr. Joseph Sammut is a candidate for the upcoming European Parliament Elections

Why the European Parliament ???

Dr. Joseph Muscat’s new political approach has truly placed Malta amongst the best within European circles. Such an immense change has instilled in me a totally different perspective in the way I look at the European Institutions. Today, more than ever, everyone is aware of Malta’s drive and other States within the group do stop to consider Malta’s position.

Gone are the days when we used to consider the Maltese Parliament on one side and the European Parliament on the other both acting independent one from the other. It is time for the two political spectrums to come closer together so that the people feel the effort placed at both levels.

EU regulations and Directives have become the norm of the day and this itself is an indication that things have changed and that we need to be represented since it is a known secret that a lot of these Directives and Regulations are not reaching all platforms of society with the consequence that such ignorance can lead to certain unwarranted serious repercussions.

Which are the basic principles you will be fighting for???

I feel strongly about three principles:

  1. Pushing for a more sustainable society

The concept of sustainability has a dominant place within European circles. We can never have a strong Europe unless it is a sustainable one. It is a must that we are sustainable and for us to be sustainable we have to prove ourselves to our European counterparts and bring to their attention what we stand for and vice versa, we are to be made aware of what the Europeans expect from us.

Whether  agriculture, fishing, a herds man, manufacturer or within such similar trades, I want to ensure that we will continue to move forward and vice versa to bring to the attention of all that which Europe is handing out and further more that which will be put forward in the future.  The concept of Sustainability goes hand in hand with the other concept of Communication.

  1. To represent a Free society

A negative aspect of the European Union which we Maltese and Gozitans disagree with, is the Union’s way of applying rules and regulations in a way that one size fits all without considering the limitations of our nation.

This is a situation which has been experienced in various sectors namely, but not restricted to, the Fishing sector, in the area where Traditional past-times are concerned and Taxation.

The present Maltese Government, led by Dr. Joseph Muscat, has already embarked with an aim of addressing this issue as is evidenced by Malta’s standin relation to migrants that ended up on Malta’s lap when, at the end of the day, Malta had nothing to do with the whole matter and also where hunting and trapping locally are concerned.

We need to improve the communication with our European counterparts to ensure a better understanding of what really make us Maltese and Gozitans. In itself, this involves a better application of the concept of Solidarity between Member States when it comes to understanding our traditions and usages.

Having said that, by liberty, I do not intend an open cheque whereby we promulgate self centered National Laws, but that we continue to enjoy, always within the framework of set rules and regulations, that which make us Maltese and Gozitans. I want to be the force that takes to Europe that which we have achieved in favor of our society with particular emphasis being laid on the concept of equality and integration among the sexes.

  1. More Equitable

I humbly believe that a truly equitable and just formula is always within arm’s reach for an acceptable solution concerning hot issues such as those concerning the environment, development and local pastimes.

If one had to delve into the differences that separate Environmentalists from Trappers and Hunters, one immediately realizes that both sides have a common enemy which they should face together in order to preserve their interests and the natural habitat that is of equal importance for their cause. We need to put forward equitable and just proposals toward a mutual acceptable solution. Also we need to bring to the European Parliament’s attention a united voice stressing the concept that preservation should go beyond Europe’s parameters so that we truly address those instances which are destroying the environment such as pesticides, afforestation and the indiscriminate killing of birds and other animals.

With regards to migration, irrespective from where it originates, I consider it important that all migrants ought to be taught our spoken language and given a deep insight into our traditions. The European Parliament should ascertain that enough funds are dedicated to address this aim if we truly want to live in an equitable and free society.

Even more so, the European Institutions need to appreciate the rather inequitable situation when it comes for us, Maltese, Gozitans and Foreigners who opt to establish residence in Malta or Gozo, when it comes for us to exercise our fundamental right, which appertains to all Europeans, that is, our right to travel freely from one Member State to the other.

While reckoning the fact that the European Union has invested heftily toward the construction of a system of roads that unite all European States through funds such as the TEN­-T and ERDF funds, the aim misses its target when it comes to Malta since any road will only lead to the sea.

Hence, it is neither fair nor equitable when you consider the fact that our European counterparts enjoy the right to travel cheaply and freely from one neighbour state to the other and for us being Maltese, Gozitans or Foreigners who opted to establish residence on the archipelago, inorder to exercise such right and travel from one Member State to another on the continent, one has to undertake a cost that puts him a par to a tourist coming from a third party state when leaving the islands.

Such a situation is of prejudice for us all and we need to push for a solution so that we truly start benefitting from that which belongs to us being Members of the European Union. The concept of Inter-connectivity applies equally to all four corners of the European Union.


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