Recommendation from Sen. Amoruso

//Recommendation from Sen. Amoruso

“Dear Dr. Sammut,
It is with great honour and without any hesitation that, as PAM President Emeritus, I recommend your candidacy to the forthcoming elections of the European Parliament.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with you during my mandate as PAM President in the framework of the activities of our Assembly, therefore I am aware that you would proudly represent your country, and would be an added value for the European Union itself. As a member of the Maltese Parliament with an extensive legal experience and political background you offered an invaluable support to PAM’s activities on climate change, environment, waste management, and mass migration related concerns.

In that capacity you constantly demonstrated a unique devotion, and concrete support to foster Euro-Mediterranean stability, whereas tirelessly working to guarantee a sustainable future to our region.

Our Assembly truly benefitted from your tenacity, fairness and professionality both in crucial international fora, debates, and during dedicated field missions in vulnerable areas of MENA region.

While you no longer serve Malta as Member of the Parliament, you remain an asset to PAM as its Senior Legal Advisor, demonstrating once again a remarkable commitment to your beliefs.

I proudly and sincerely reaffirm my support for your candidacy convinced that Europe would greatly benefit from your diligence, an example for all PAM member countries.

Francesco Maria Amoruso”


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