Recommendation from AMB. Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General, P A M.

//Recommendation from AMB. Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General, P A M.

“Dear Joe,

I address this note to you in my personal capacity being aware that you are candidate to the forthcoming elections for the European parliament.

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with you in the framework of the activities of our Assembly. You served four consecutive terms as a member of the Maltese Parliament, a unique experience. In that capacity you have also been a very active and committed member of the Maltese delegation to PAM. You greatly contributed to many PAM initiatives on parliamentary diplomacy aimed at peace and security in Europe and the Mediterranean region, including through, often delicate, missions to regional hotspots. You also offered your valuable experience to PAM activities on counter-terrorism, criminal justice, economic integration, trade and investment facilitation, youth employment, and sustainable development, drawing on your extensive legal and political background. Our Assembly really benefitted from your insights, intellectual curiosity, integrity and a strong professionalism.

Following your national parliamentary mandate, you have continued to serve our Assembly in your current capacity as our Senior Legal Advisor, and remained an asset to PAM in this role.

I would like to sincerely and warmly commend you for your commitment and dedication to Malta, Europe and the entire Mediterranean, and I wish you the best for your future endeavours

AMB. Sergio Piazzi, Secretary General, P A M.”


Download Original Document – PAM Recommendation letter Dr Joseph Sammut


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