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Dr. Joseph Muscat’s new political approach has truly placed Malta amongst the best within European circles. The time has come for the Maltese Parliament and the European Parliament to come closer together so that the people feel the effort placed at both levels.

This is what I aim for if I win your trust and be elected to the European Parliament – to act as your voice toward:

1. Pushing for a more sustainable society

We can never have a strong Europe unless it is a sustainable one. We have to prove ourselves to our European counterparts and bring to their attention what we stand for and vice versa, we are to be made aware of what the Europeans expect from us.

It is here that I aspire to place my energy if I am given your trust to act as your voice in Europe.  The concept of Sustainability goes hand in hand with the other concept of Communication.

2. To represent a Free society

This is where we experienced, namely, but not restricted to, Fishing, Traditional past-times and Taxation Europe’s negative side.

The present Maltese Government, led by Dr. Joseph Muscat, has already embarked with an aim of addressing these issues.

I aspire to be that voice which will bring about a difference in your daily life better communicating with our European counterparts a better understanding of that which really make us all.

3. More Equitable

I want to bring to the attention of the European Institutions the rather inequitable situation when it comes for us, Maltese, Gozitans and Foreigners who opt to establish residence in Malta or Gozo, when it comes for us to exercise our fundamental right, which appertains to all Europeans, that is, our right to travel freely from one Member State to the other.

While reckoning the fact that the European Union has invested heftily toward the construction of a system of roads that unite all European States through funds such as the TEN T and ERDF funds, the aim misses its target when it comes to Malta since any road will only lead to the sea.  For us to travel to the heart of Europe, we have to pay like any third party resident coming from outside the EU

I also aspire to be your voice when it comes to Traditional past-times such as bird trapping, hunting, fishing and Fireworks. Whatever is practiced on the continent is also to be available locally with its Traditional touch even though regulated as need be.

Such a situation is of prejudice for us all and if I am given your trust I will act as your voice in Europe and push for a solution so that we truly start benefitting from that which belongs to us being Members of the European Union. The concept of Inter-connectivity applies equally to all four corners of the European Union.

With this in mind, I aim at submitting a campaign that rests on, apart from the basic principles of consistency and credibility for which I am very well known, on the other basic principles of sustainability, Freedom and Equity. I endorse proposals that not only address Education, youth, the Family, transparency, count ability, Voluntary Organisations that are the fiber of Society but which directly address that which by right belong to us all such as with the concept of Inter-connectivity and the problem which we will be facing on a world scale concerning the scarcity of water and food. Issues that are bound to bring to the forefront the concept of sustainability as a whole. It is here where I aspire to be your voice in Europe and that is why the European Parliament.

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